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Oh, Weston, my Weston…

Weston-super-Mare. Sandpoint Circular Walk.

Who haven’t been to Weston? People usually take their kids for entertainment. Great pier with lots of attractions. I remember spending a fortune just walking through the pier with kids: games, toys, winnings with all of the man-made fun… But I haven’t actually seen Weston, the other side, less public one. The Channel coast, the nature reserve, the poetic message from the Universe… when you see a person sitting on a mountain bench, peacefully reading a book… it’s like a scene from the movie, right?

An old pier

And here we are, no words necessary. Take your best friend with you, a lover, a partner or just go by yourself with a dog, the scenery is so grounding. It will take your breath away, especially if it’s windy! Haha! Got ya! I totally understand why hiking is a big thing in the UK! You take a day away from your routine, take a long walk, sit on the ground, drink your tea,  take pictures. And you feel like the life is actually worth living.

Bristol Channel, which happens to have the second biggest tidal range in the world, has a Sea. We started at a good time when the Sea tide was in. Just look at the view!

For more awesome trails, checkout the link below.

What else to do in Weston?

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