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Magnificent Bournemouth

My 5 days in Bournemouth including one day of private touring.

It was July, 2021… and COVID restrictions were on and off. So, my son and I decided to have a budget local holiday in Bournemouth.

You know, what is popular right now? Travelling with a twist! I wanted an unusual experience and I got it. I was grateful to the Universe that it had happened exactly how it did. I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

All I knew about Bournemouth is what Google told me, it’s an Ocean Beach city. You can use google and visit all traditional famous places and be amazed anyway, but I wanted something different. I wanted a personal approach. I wanted to find someone local to show me this awesome city and its beaches. I stumbled on a Facebook post about a local B&B and booked it on a spot. The price was reasonable and the service turned out to be the best! Life is all about meeting the right people, that is what I can tell you for sure. One type of people can ruin your life, and the other kind of people can put it back better than it was before. And let me tell you something, lying on the beach at a 5 star hotel might give you a suntan and be good for your body, but here I have found a person for the soul.

My hostess was this amazing Russian lady who spoke perfect English and made a great English breakfast too. After my confession about being a health freak who likes fresh celery juice every morning, she was kind enough to let me use my juicer. Anna Reve lives with her lovely dog, Jessica, a walking distance from the beach.

We discovered that we have so much in common: Anna was also into healthy lifestyle; a professional psychologist, holistic therapist with her own anti-aging program for women. She is in love with Dorset where she lived more than a quarter of the century. She created tailor-made tourist routes for any occasion, whether it’s an anniversary or proposal, all of which are unique and unforgettable. Anna created a “GOLDEN CIRCLE” – a tailor made route, where the most precious Dorset destinations can be visited upon request as part of her unique touring maps.

In the times of “COVID depression”, you can go to Bournemouth any time of the year to “recharge your batteries”.

You will get a detox for your body and soul; you will also charge with positivity and get that peaceful feeling of satisfaction, relaxation and achievement. You will return home full of energy and a strong desire to come back for more. Here, you will understand why Bournemouth is considered to have the most beautiful beaches of England. You have to be here at least once to have this experience.

Anna Reeves B&B 7944164751

Bournemouth Park – Upper and Lower Gardens. Our path to the Ocean was through the park. And we were in for a treat: amazing views, playgrounds and a great tropical landscaping design! It was impossible just to pass by, we wanted to play a bit too. The playground was full of kids so we agreed to come by later. After 9pm, the place was empty, so we had a little bit of fun of our own.

The first two days were hot so we did spend a lot of time at the beach. Building castles and swimming. We decided to walk all the way to the main Pier where all of the attractions were open for the evening entertainment. But guess what? We didn’t want any action there, we played with the moon instead!

On the 3d day we decided to explore the city and took a long walk into the centre. We heard live music playing and headed there. we crossed many roads, got exhausted and realise that it is not why we came to Bournemouth. We didn’t want the High Street experience, we wanted something different. So, we took a taxi back. In the evening we have asked Anna to give us a tour of her favourite places and next day everything finally started making sense. The history, the beaches, the walks, the parks and private gardens.

It was a sunny day when we arrived to Highcliffe Castle. With the sun reflecting its glory, the castle looked even more magnificent. Neatly preserved garden added a unique sophistication to the view. I could see ladies gracefully walking in their long dresses and tiny sun umbrellas…   

This is where you can stay all day and enjoy beautiful grounds and beach, or take a stroll through Steamer Point Nature Reserve to Mudeford. Don’t miss the wonderful views across Christchurch Bay to the Isle of Wight.

You can stop by for a nice lunch at a café on site.

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