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    In every walk of nature one receives far more than he seeks. John Muir


Do you watch TV and pondering about Maldives and Bali all inclusive? And your mind wonders…your thoughts repeat the same tune… If only I had money… or won the lottery…I would so enjoy myself, why would I ever work again… 

All new gurus teach us: if you are not happy right now, you will never be happy. If you tell yourself that your happiness will come only if you meet someone or get more money, that will give you a brief satisfaction; but then you will be back where you started. The circumstances should not define your happiness, do everything with love, if you can’t – start as soon as you can! We are here to help you with that. This project is designed to free you from the negative block in your mind and show you that you can enjoy life whenever you are. Relax, release the tension in your shoulders and join our journey. Don’t postpone your happiness, start enjoying life right now.

Let me tell you how I found my peace. I went to do something I have never done before, something I have considered stupid and a waste of time. I went outside and began walking around my block… nothing happened… I was walking with my mobile, constantly checking Facebook… then I switched to music and, in 5 minutes, I felt much better. So, I made it a habit. I walk, sometimes, I run. It took a while to get out of my head and clear my mind of daily chores and frustrations with people. But once I dealt with it, changed my thoughts into pure joy of music and the weather, I felt great. Then I took it further. I went and saw places and instead of going to the restaurant, pub or club, I explored the area with my backpack. At the end of your walk, you will feel tired but recharged. Try to listen to your body and give in. Go to sleep, allow yourself to drop your chores for that evening and relax. Then repeat as often as you can. Once you find ways to be happy and peaceful, you will attract more of the same.

19.06.2021 T. Shellizon


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